Introducing BlueSpark Automotive to the New Zealand

How much is the cost shipping?

When purchasing within New Zealand, shipping is FREE. For all International buyers, please contact us for a quote on shipping and all other enquiries.

Why do other tuning chip products quote a higher power or torque gain?

There may be others who claim up to 40% power gains etc...but there is a limit to what a tune can do while still retaining reliability.
There are large gains to be made but we quote up to 30% because we can back these claims up when we remove flat spots and power dips and these are gains you will feel on every drive.
We carry out a lot of development using high quality components, allowing us to give you the best running engine, not just the most power gains.

Can you retune my module when I change to a new vehicle?

Yes! Bluespark allow tuning box remaps and can even replace the wiring loom to a newer one so long as the switch is diesel to diesel module or petrol to petrol module.

Will my engine suffer excess wear with a tuning box?

We work within factory tolerances and design tunes based on your specific engine. Most tuning boxes excessively raise the fuel rail pressure, which causes prematurely worn injectors. Our units adjust fuelling and boost for gains, not just more by adding more fuel.

You say they're traceless when removed. Really?

Our tuning boxes plug into the wiring loom or connectors of your car, these are plugged in, not wired in so there's no trace when removed and the vehicle will return to stock.

Will my diesel blow black smoke now I have a tuning box?

No. Our tunes are carefully mapped to avoid overfuelling, which causes black smoke. If your car doesn't blow black smoke now, it shouldn't smoke with a tuning box fitted at the preselected setting.

Can I really install this on the car myself?

Yes. Follow the instructions if you feel competent and believe you have the required skills. Installation takes around 10-15 minutes on most vehicles. There are detailed instructions supplied. Alternatively you can have your local mechanic fit this for a very small labour charge.

I'm not happy with the way it runs now, can I get a refund?

Yes. We are serious about our 28 day money back guarantee, and back it up a 2 year warranty.

Are the tuning boxes compatible with DPF and FAP filters?

Yes. Our tuning boxes and software is designed to work with your DPF and will not cause excessive regeneration.

My vehicle isn't listed, can you help?

We are being advised of new software upgrades, new model releases and new features so if you don't see your vehicle, drop us a line to sales@chipmyride.co.nz.

What Instructions are supplied?

You will get full photographic installation and adjustment instructions. If you need help, drop us a line to sales@chipmyride.co.nz and we'll solve any issues with you.

"Plug in Power Gains with BlueSpark Technology"