Introducing BlueSpark Automotive to the New Zealand

Bluespark Pro + Boost Control

Our Top of the Range tuning module features 2 Channels to simultaneously control rail pressure and turbocharger boost pressure for maximum gains.

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Bluespark Pro Diesel Tuning Box

Our Diesel Pro tuning box offers an excellent value performance upgrade for your vehicle. Utilizing a high speed digital microprocessor for maximum power gains.

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CR Tech 2 Multimap

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) friendly software and the latest injector technology in mind, our best value diesel tuning box will give you significant performance increases without overloading your vehicle's fuel system.

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Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Box

This is the best Petrol Turbo Performance chip available. It utilises fuel rail pressure control and turbo charger boost pressure control at the same time, leading to huge power and torque gains across the whole rev range.

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"Plug in Power Gains with BlueSpark Technology"