Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Box

The best Petrol Turbo Performance chip available

Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Box

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Utilises fuel rail control and turbo charger boost pressure control at the same time.

This is the best Petrol Turbo Performance chip available. It utilises fuel rail pressure control and turbo charger boost pressure control at the same time, leading to huge power and torque gains across the whole rev range. We use a microprocessor to maintain correct air/fuel ratios.

This is a plug and play unit. It comes with full photographic installation instructions and explains how to adjust power curves. These come with original vehicle connectors making fitting a breeze with only a few cars requiring mechanical skill to fit.

Due to the speed of the microprocessor, the tuning box delivers very impressive horsepower and torque gains. When you receive your module, it will be set to give a good increase in power and torque, while mindful of economy. You can make adjustments behind the rear panel if you want to change the power gain.

Some of the advantages of the Bluespark Pro Petrol tuning module:

  • This is a quality (Made in the UK) Microprocessor based digital Performance Tuning Module. Do not mistake it with cheap analogue resistor units.
  • Featuring Engine Specific Software. We use software that was taken directly from and set up for your specific engine. This is not a One Size Fits All tuning box.
  • Unique Boost Control Software as well as Rev Sense Software, specifically designed to maximize torque while retaining original emissions.
  • Boost Control Software is what sets this unit apart from all the rest. More Power, more Torque and low EGTs (exhaust gas temperatures).
  • 5 Selectable Power Curves from low down power to all out speed.
  • Bought another vehicle? We can reprogram this unit to suit another diesel vehicle.
  • Comes with an aluminium case which keeps out water and dust under the hood.

Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Box Technology

Adjustable Power Curves

  • You get 5 distinct power curves on your tuning box. A, B, C, D and E.
  • Setting A is tuned for mild gains in the lowerpart of the rev range. Fuel economy is the focus.
  • Setting E is tuned for maximum performance. Fuel economy is not the focus.
  • Settings B, C and D are a progression between these two.
  • Boost & RPM Detection Software

Unique to the Bluespark tuning modules, they feature Boost Sense software along with Rev Sense RPM Detection software which greatly improves fuelling accuracy, giving better power gains than others.

Engine Reliability Focused Tunes

To keep your engine safe from damage, we accurately increase fuelling on Direct Injection Petrol engines to keep correct Air/Fuel Ratios.

The mobule uses Boost Control software to increase boost rates within safe limits, impressively increasing power and torque in a linear fashion to avoid stressing your turbocharger.

Manual, Automatic and DSG (Dual Shaft Gearbox) Compatible

The Bluespark Petrol Performance tuning modules have been tested across a wide variety of gearboxes, and tunes are sometimes based around gearbox types. We don't overstretch CVT engine setups specifically, and we don't over produce 4WD torque rates as we want to focus on real world gains without stressing the gearbox or clutch plates.

Dyno Tested Results are what set Bluespark Automotive apart

Bluespark have carried out thousands of hours of dyno testing to ensure their Petrol Performance Pro tuning units achieve the best power and torque gains while still focusing on reliability.

We recently had some great results from a Peugeot 1.2 208 GT gaining 37 horsepower and a VW Golf R 2 litre TSi which started with 300 horsepower and after we tuned and finished tuning with

our Petrol Pro unit, we dynoed an impresive 335 horsepower. More importantly, the owner said the car has much more midrange, which is where we spend most of our time.

Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Box Power Graph

up to 30% + Power
up to 30% + Torque
up to 15% + Economy



Buy Bluespark Pro Petrol Tuning Box

Utilises fuel rail control and turbo charger boost pressure control at the same time.

"Plug in Power Gains with BlueSpark Technology"