How it works

Petrol and Diesel Engines

Petrol Engines - How Do We Do It

New Engines use a variety of sensors from boost pressure, rail pressure, air mass flow sensor then decide how to run an engine correctly. To improve on this, Bluespark Tuning modules read and revise the parameters to get a better result. With turbo boost, manifold pressure and sometimes even air flow monitored and modified, there is a huge power boost you can feel every time you drive.

Bluespark Automotive have dynotuned various setups and have settled on several tunes ranging from economy to outright performance. We set your Tuning module in the middle setting as standard.

By increasing the turbo boost pressure, and adjusting the fuel pressure to suit, the gains are very reliable. The boost range is defined by the software in the Tuning module, and only increases pressure to safe levels, which still allow for big gains in performance. You will never wonder if it’s working, you’ll be busy enjoying your drive.

Diesel Engines - How Do We Do It

Common Rail Turbo Diesel Engines - Like Petrol Turbo engines, diesel engines also use sensors such as boost, rail pressure and air flow feed to the fueling computer. Bluespark Tuning Modules take readings from the pressure rail and boost sensors and adjusts the readings to match dyno tuned based software to maximize power gains. We bypass the fueling computer but your ECU is in charge of everything else, so no engine lights, no fault readings and no trace when removed. The end result is a vehicle with drastically improved power levels and driving enjoyment.

BlueSpark Automotive have dyno tuned many setups and have settled on several tunes ranging from economy to outright performance. We set your Tuning module in the middle setting, the lowest setting can be ideal for towing and the highest setting outright performance.

Unlock Your Engine's Power Reserves

When you shop for a new vehicle, you are often given a choice of power output. How is the power adjusted? Software. Plug in a Bluespark Technology Tuning Box and your engine will create more power. Our Tuning Modules maximize the fuel and/or turbo pressure to extract the unused potential, while not overstressing your engine.

Even if your engine was the top spec when purchased, there are built in reserves set by the technicians to allow for extraordinary use such as driving in extreme climatic conditions or to use various petrol or diesel grades around the world. A Bluespark Tuning Module will get you the most out of your engine reserves, and do it reliably and safely.

BMW 2012 320d

120kw 380NM

BMW 2012 320d

130kw 250NM

BMW 2012 320d

135kw 380NM

The only difference is they're tuned with different software. Bluespark Software accesses your engine's real design limits and massively improves your performance


We have power upgrade tuning options for most vehicles on NZ roads.

Tuning options for more than 1000 makes from 34 manufacturers

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